Quarantine Gadgets Must-Haves to Live Smartly and Comfortably!

We are halfway done with 2020, and unfortunately, the novel virus hasn’t made our lives any easier with several countries expecting a second or even a third wave of Coronavirus. As we do our part by observing quarantine, we are at our wits’ end by multi-tasking and balancing our personal and professional lives. Some are having a ball, while others are having trouble coping with it all. This is where technology has proven to be the saving grace for many who are working remotely. Any average man can make his or her life manageable under quarantine with some pretty helpful tech gadgets.

So, let’s dive into the top 5 quarantine gadgets that would make anyone’s life a little more manageable.

1) Spend Quality Time with Family

If you are quarantining with your loved ones, then continually staring at your phones or being submerged in laptops isn’t the ideal situation. You need something that brings you all together for quality time that and what better to do that with than the Fire TV Stick 4K? 

Fire TV has a lot to offer – like famous games, including Heads Up and Jeopardy, or streaming your favorite shows from platforms like Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and more. Sounds great, right? 

2) Keep Your Children Occupied

Parents trying to entertain their kids even during the school hours and failing can rely on Amazon’s All-New Fire HD 10Kids Edition Children’s Tablet that has enough games to keep your kids occupied. 

Reasonably priced, including free shipping, you are getting access to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for a year.

Moreover, you are also receiving more than 20,000 pieces of content that include games, apps, books, to even educational shows. What more can a parent as for? You do not even have to worry about the battery running out as it is proven to sustain a 12-hour battery time while in-use. It also comes with an ample internal storage of 32 gigabytes. Now that’s a full package.

3) Keep in Touch With Loved Ones

Staying connected to your loved ones during quarantine is one of the biggest challenges we are facing. Not only are you juggling work, family, and chores, but you also need to make time for loved ones far from you. During such times, you require a product like Amazon’s Echo Show that makes it easy for you to call anyone with Alexa’s help. All you need to say is, “Alexa, call (contact name).

4) Control Home Items Remotely

A voice controlled plug that works with Alexa is one on our list because of the convenience it allows. You can control your devices, schedule them to turn on or off, and more, all while being away or farther from the location. Simply plug in your device into the smart plug, open your Alexa app, and start using with your voice. Such convenience and accessibility is a must when quarantining; you can easily control appliances within your home from one location. Amazon’s smart plug is one of the best options you can find.

5) Purify Your Air

We are living in uncertain times, where constant sanitization has become a lifestyle. We also need to make sure the air we are continually breathing while quarantining is also clean of all toxins that may otherwise harm our health, making us vulnerable to the virus.  

For this, a smart purifier on Amazon, such as Toshiba’s, will work wonders for anyone spending long hours inside than outdoors. This air purifier can be controlled through the Alexa App or any Echo device. It is best to purify the air in your home. Not only that, but it also comes with UV Light Sanitizer that helps reduce and kill airborne viruses, providing a healthier environment for you and the family. 

That’s all, folks! We’ll add more items over time, but these five are a must-have when it comes to quarantine gadgets that will help you manage your life under the roof a little better. The best part is, they are all available with free shipping under reasonable price tags. Get yourself one, right away! 

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