Apple’s New iPhone 12 Upgrade Warning Includes MagSafe Chargers

Apple’s new happening line of its latest iPhone 12 range has proven to deliver exceptional performance. Although at a high price. However, Apple also generously served its consumers with several warnings for upgrades. 

MacRumors went through Apple’s new support document and revealed some warnings given by Apple. In that support document, Apple had warned users regarding some significant downsides to its innovative new MagSafe wireless charging system. These concerns extend further from just weak magnets. 

Apple Warns Users About Potential Harm from its MagSafe Chargers

At the end of the document, Apple, in a series of bullet points, warns buyers of iPhone 12 series phones that MagSafe can: 

  • Increase the heating and restrict the charging process. Apple said that if your iPhone gets “too warm,” then the charging will be limited. Which means at only 80% maximum. 
  • If the magnetic strips and RFID chips present in credit cards, security badges, passports, and key fobs come in between the iPhones and the MagSafe chargers, they will be damaged. 
  • Leather cases that were used with the charger were left damaged with ‘circular imprints’; similarly, silicon cases have also been reported to be damaged with just a few days of use. 

It doesn’t stop here; Apple also mentioned something alarming as well. 

The iPhone manufacturer mentioned that replacing damaged iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro rear glass would cost around $449 and $549, respectively. You do have the option to buy Apple’s AppleCarePlus insurance policy. But minor wear and tear are not included in this insurance. This brings us to the only resort that is purchasing a MagSafe-compatible case from Apple for $50. 

Beware, the cost keeps adding up from this point onwards. Apple’s support document states that “your iPhone charges less quickly [with MagSafe] when using a power adapter that provides less than 20W”. Now, do note that Apple has never sold a 20W charger with any previous iPhone. With chargers removed, you are looking at an additional cost of $20. 

MagSafe in itself has massive potential, and with third-party accessory compatibility, there is a lot to look forward to. This said, Apple’s warning shouldn’t be taken lightly. If anyone is planning on upgrading to the iPhone 12 model, you may want to wait for the next generation of MagSafe. Which might launch with the iPhone 13 in upcoming years. 

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Image Credits: Business Insider