Amazon Fire TV Stick to Get Hands-Free Update Using Alexa Devices

Technology is progressing fast with virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and more not being a ‘futuristic’ possibility anymore. Amazon being the world’s largest retailer, is keeping up with the advancements. It is working on its popular Amazon Fire TV Stick devices and giving them an upgrade that consumers will thank Amazon for.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Update – From Manual Maneuvering to Hands-Free

As we all know that the Amazon Fire TV Stick option is accompanied by a remote control that helps you navigate through the user interface. The remote also has a feature that enables you to control your Fire TV Stick through voice commands. You simply press and hold down the mic button.

However, now, Amazon is taking a step ahead. It is planning on relieving its consumers from reaching out for the remote every time. Instead, according to an update on AmazonFireTV Blog, Amazon is soon releasing a hands-free feature. This feature requires an Alexa-enabled device so you can control content from your voice from anywhere at the given radius, much like Echo Show.

Sounds like cozy and lazy Netflix winter nights where you don’t have to take your hand out of the blanket – Bliss!

This new update is basically what Amazon coined as ‘Visual Experiences on Fire TV.’

It Gets Better

Alexa gives you an additional feature of taking complete advantage of the TV screen. You can view live smart home surveillance camera feeds, check the weather, and other commands that require visual responses. Further, you can play a movie, TV show, or search for any new content.

Let’s Get Started by Automatic Pairing – Simply Ask Alexa

It’s quick and easy. All you require to do is ask Alexa to play something and then confirm whether you want your Alexa device to control your Amazon Fire TV.

This automatic and flash pairing is enabled on all Echo devices excluding Echo Show/Spot. For that, you would have to use the Alexa app to pair the device to Fire TV. In case you need extra help, follow these instructions and you are all set for a great hands-free display.

Alexa Commands for that Visual Experience on Fire TV

In order to enjoy the famous Alexa experiences hands-free while connected to your Fire TV, all you have to say is “Alexa, show me….” before your request.

For example, “Alexa, show me the weather forecast” or “Alexa, show me my calendar.”

What’s best is that you can quickly navigate through the content with the generic Alexa phrases like Alexa, find horror movies” or “Alexa, show rock music playlist” and if you have to check your baby’s camera feed, you can then say “Alexa, show me baby camera.”

This is the convenience and quick navigation, that too hands-free, Amazon is aiming at. This great feature is expected to roll out to Fire TV devices in the upcoming weeks. So be sure to stay tuned!