Moto G Power Detailed Review

Moto g power detailed review

Moto G Power Detailed Review

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A new set of Motorola, launched in 2020, had a rough pattern to follow. Although its prototype, the Moto G7 Power, was one of the top-demanding creations of the tech brand. The market price of the mobile is $249, while it comes with durable battery life and unique features. The complete good-to-go package of the mobile phone caught the limelight and turned out to be the most demanding creation of the brand.

With the launch of a new model of Moto 2020, the brand did not modify two of its core features. The 5,000-mAh battery made this phone stand out and marked it as one of the top-demanding phones. If you are someone who doesn’t like making massive investments in mobile phones, the Moto G series is for you. 

The focused selling point here is the long battery life that can save you from going and forth with your charging device. Though, apart from the battery, many other features make this phone worthy enough to go for. If you want to hitch on the details of the Moto G Power, then give a thorough need to the details, mentioned below! 

Moto G Power

Moto G Power | 3-Day Battery1 | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 4/64GB

|16MP Camera | 2020 | Black


Design Details- highly functional   

Fan of big, blocky camera arrays? Motorola G is a big hit in this department. The brand has designed its trio rear lenses aesthetically. It descends at a lower angle on the left side of the phone, aligning the main shooter. However, the phone’s ultra-huge angle and macro lenses present a distinct bump, all through the flash of the phone. This functional design leaves a space within the center alignment of the phone making it convenient for the fingerprint sensor. 

Motorola’s front camera has a unique placement of punch-hole. Its pattern at the top left screen corner is around 6.4 inches, making the mobile look slim from bezels. However, the feature replaces the center of the screen. 

Apart from the exterior design, there is this battery portion where the calling card of Moto G makes this phone its chunky phone. The Moto G power extents around 6.3 x 3 x 0.38 inches in measurement while making it huger than 5.7 x 2.7 x 0.3-inch Pixel 4a, specifically in terms of width. Whereas, the weight of the Moto G is comparatively more than Pixel 4a, i.e., 5.04 ounces, and also from the Nokia 7.2, i.e., 6.35 ounces, and ZTE Blade A5 2020

ZTE Blade A5 2020

ZTE Blade A5 2020 (32GB, 2GB) 6.09″ HD Edge to Edge Display, 3200mAh Battery,

Dual SIM GSM Unlocked US 4G LTE (T-Mobile, AT&T, Metro, Straight Talk) International Model (Black)


Moreover, you will also have a 3.5mm headphone jack if you go for Moto G power, this is quite a rate, yet still, it welcomes the sight. Although the brand claims that the phone is water-revolting though the IP doesn’t justify the guarantee. So, there is the probability that light water spray and odd sprinkle will may stance no threat. However, we advise you to not drop your phone in a pool or to dip it in water. Our lab test showed that its exterior and interior design details are more functional than the OnePlus Nord N10 5G

OnePlus Nord N10 5G


OnePlus Nord N10 5G Unlocked Smartphone, Midnight Ice​, 90Hz Refresh Rate,

6GB RAM + 128GB storage, US Version, Model BE2026


Display that sets standard 

When it comes to the display of the phone, we can assure you that it marks itself as one of the most budget-friendly creations, and its display speaks for its acquired standard. The brand has a designed display with an LCD panel that you can only expect from a phone that may go heavy on your pockets and cost you around $300. 

The 6.4-inch screen features Full HD+ resolution, which is pretty standard on a phone of this kind. Our keen observation of the display of phone and lab testing backed up our experiential imprints. The phone displays only 97% of the sRGB spectrum hue within its default setting (which is oddly considered the saturated style). This type of style can be seen widely in all of the Moto-G series, counting on the Moto G Fast (97%) and Moto G Stylus (985%). 

The standardized display of the phone offers a satisfying experience. The displayed colors on the Moto G Power are equitably accurate while offering its Delta-E ratio of around 0.33 (and since it said by experts that the closer the number is to zero, the better results it gives). However, the colors are not as justified as the Samsung Galaxy S9 offers, but still, according to its price, the display colors are far better than the expectation. 

Samsung Galaxy S9 offers


Samsung Galaxy S9, 64GB, Coral Blue – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)


Cameras That Will Blow Mind 

Gone are the days when purchasing a phone with more than one camera used to cost an arm and leg. Motorola is offering three lenses camera at the back of the phone within an affordable budget. Though this may not compete with the surpass quality that the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max offers, the camera of Moto G has its value, compared to the offered budget. It has good enough results that if we make a list of ‘phones with good cameras, Moto G could be part of the top ten. While on the other side, its reasonable cost makes it more valuable. 

The previous model came with a 16-megapixel camera and a functional f/1.7 aperture. Comparatively, the brand has amplified around an 8MP ultra extensive-angle shooter, combined with a 118-unit field of view a 2Megapixdel macro camera. However, the absence of the telephoto on the Moto G indicates that zooming in may not give a sharp resolution. The pixels just do not justify results compared to the optical zoom camera. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 


Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, 256GB, Space Gray – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)


Battery That Goes Longer Than Your Expectation 

The Moto-G’s long-lasting 5000 mAh battery is the top-notch feature of the cell phone. When tested on our web surfing battery-operated test, the power lasted for more than 16 hours. As for the new launch of Moto G Power (2021), the battery lasted for more than 12 hours when tested, making it the second-best of all smartphones. 

To give an ideal impression of how Moto G Power offers the best battery results at affordable prices, let’s have a look at its rivals. TCL 10L comes first to mind, as the set costs almost the same as Moto G Power. However, it comes with 10-hour battery life. In comparison, Moto G stands tall with a twice improved battery life. If you want to compare it with other high-end yet expensive mobiles. For instance, Apple iPhone 8, you definitely will not be putting your phone down on charging every now and then. 

The long-lasting battery is the brand’s strong point. Each set of the Moto G series aced the battery test. However, Moto G Power turned out to be the best one that left us all in awe-inspiration. 

Apple iPhone 8


Apple iPhone 8, 64GB, Silver – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)


Price & Availability- Worth Purchasing 

Even though the latest Moto G Power (2021) model is readily available in the markets. If you are willing to invest in the edition of 2020, then visit your nearest tech retailers and carriers. You all can also pay a quick virtual visit at Amazon, B&H Photo, or either Best Buy. 

We give you this million-dollar worth of advice and make sure that if you opt for the edition of the Moto G Power (2020). You are not missing out on the discount. Moreover, you can also find a $199 version of the latest model that features less RAM at the same prices. 

It won’t be surprising to say that Moto G Power’s biggest competitor is the latest model of Moto G that is the model of 2021. So far, Moto G has been one of the most compelling options, specifically if you are looking for a phone with good features at reasonable prices.