MacBook Pro 16-inch Review – The Good, the Great & the Best

MacBook Pro 16-inch Review

MacBook Pro 16-inch Review – The Good, the Great & the Best

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Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch that was released back in 2019 gained massive popularity and for valid reasons. Not only that, but it also acquired noble claims from the crowd, tech, and Apple enthusiasts, like “Best Mac in Years” or “the most powerful Mac ever made by Apple.” Whether our MacBook Pro 16-inch review comes to the same conclusion or not, let’s find out.

These impressive claims are not far off from the truth, and we are here to explore just how accurate they are. If you have been a keen user of MacBook Pros like me, then you would understand the difference of experience with each one of them especially the 2015 MacBook Pro and the 2016 MacBook Pro. For starters, the painful experience with the keyboards and not to mention the outdated design and limited performance.

Now that I have 2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch and given the raving reviews, you think this could be the laptop for me? Let me give you a comprehensive MacBook Pro 16-inch review that in my early opinion is definitely an upgrade from previous Macs.

Best Mac Keyboard Apple Produced

Macbook Pro Magic Keyboard Review

The keyboard, thank god for the massive upgrade. Last time they tried to be ‘innovative’ they gave us the Butterfly switch keyboard, which we all know how it panned out; uncomfortable typing that felt like fingers hitting on rocks.

However, the keyboard on MacBook Pro 16-inch is the best keyboard ever released so far; “Magic Keyboard” with a Scissor mechanism. The feel is much refined as well; softer on the fingers without any deep-sounding hammer noise ringing in your ears. The soft sound would drift into the background and only light tapping would remain, allowing you to focus on your work.

In addition, the Escape key and invented “T” arrow key, both make a pleasant comeback. The Touch Bar still feels a bit imposed here as well. Not to mention an accident touch on the volume icon can end up muting your song and leaving you wondering what just happened. Other than that, it is an addition that may be useful for a lot of users.

Magic Keyboard MacBook Pro
Via PocketLint

Now considering the Magic Keyboard is a great upgrade over all previous Macs, we can hope that Apple introduces the same improvement on regular MacBooks and MacBook Airs, soon. With MacBook Pro 16-inch, say goodbye to stuck or non-responsive keys and hello to responsive and smooth experience – especially for a coder. You guys will definitely love it. 

Lesson learned? Do not compromise usability and user experience at the expense of producing the thinnest technology in the market. Just isn’t worth it- for the consumers or for your revenue.

Coming to the First Look; Sleekness & that Large Screen

MacBook Pro 16-inch Screen Comparison
Via Laptop Mag

You immediately notice the thin bezels around the 16-inch screen, which otherwise have been chunky on other Macs giving it an outdated design. Now here’s where Apple went smart; smaller bezels mean smaller overall dimensions of the laptop, leaving little room for the touchpad and other components. To remedy this while keeping the design of its MacBook Pro 2019 sleek as ever, they added an extra screen ratio, 0.6-inch, to be precisely 3,072 X 1,920 in resolution.

Bigger screen with better keyboard gives your remote workstation a complete feel where you can view everything completely and multi-task with ease. Not to mention with a powerful machine like this, designers and coders can perform excellently running heavy software smoothly.

So far so good? I hope this MacBook Pro 16-inch review is pleasant until this point. Let’s carry on.

The Extras; Bigger Battery, Speakers, and More

Why did I call this section the extras? Because with bigger screen ratio, there was more room for other improvements. Such as the larger battery cells and other aspects like the redesigned thermal system; a boost of 100-watt-hour battery to be precise. Although, larger battery bears good news on a regular day; however, when it comes to the MacBook Pro 16-inch the extra pixels do appear to steal the battery reducing it to a regular amount of time you would usually get on a MacBook.

Having said that, the large battery does compensate for the extra power this larger machine requires. So, when I personally used it, it lasted me for 10 hours. That too, with me running Chrome with a plethora of tabs, streaming music, and running two lightweight software to get my work done. Not a bad deal? Or passable in exchange for a comfortable keyboard and extra screen real-estate?

MacBook Pro 16-inch Speakers

As for the sound system, Apple tried to take a step further by incorporating not two but six speakers and dual force canceling woofers – this gets me excited just mentioning it. Why? Because the quality matches the description. This feature may not be a big jump for many users who do not care about the speakers. However, those that require laptop speakers for entertainment or content production would be glad about this factor; considering the fact that the 16-inch MacBook Pro is considered a media production machine.

Speaking of media production, this beast is ready to record studio-quality audio and this isn’t even a stretch. It also has three microphones built-in that allow the persons’ voice to be the main focus than the background noise. Now yes, it doesn’t come par with a proper professional microphone studio setup, but it is passable and above average for sure.

The built-in camera for all those Zoom meetings is still at 720p FaceTime HD rig. So you may require a better external camera for that 4K crisp quality.

What else?

If you are still not sold over the MacBook Pro 16-inch review is one of the finest machines that you can use for your work then consider these other updates in the internal components. Those updates include, 7nm AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series graphics card along with configuration up to 64GB of RAM and up to 8TB of SSD storage. So, great news for video editors with these two upgrades; for any content creator to be honest.

2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch is every Mac user’s dream laptop, safe to say. However, Apple could have maximized on those ports instead of sticking to just four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports and an audio jack.

Why Should You Buy?

Buy that Sleek Goodness of MacBook Pro 16-inch

This question does seem unreasonable at this point. But in case we have someone thinking of whether to invest in such a powerful and pricy machine or not, consider this:

A) Are you looking for a reliable and powerful workstation that is compact and is easily portable?

If yes, then 16-inch MacBook Pro (2019) is your pick.

B) Please refer to point A.

If yes, I will still say you go ahead with this mean machine and powerhouse. With expandable storage, high processing speed, larger screen, long lasting battery, and much more – you are in for the long haul.

Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro can be sweetly described as the version where Apple listens to users’ complaints and applies the necessary changes.