Best Android Tablets of 2021 – Find the Best Budget-Friendly Tablets

Best Android Tablets of 2021 – Find the Best Budget-Friendly Tablets

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Many high-end gadgets dominating the tech world come with top-tier features and impressive productivity. In a world where tech gadgets have made life simpler, tablets are all the rage. With an extensive range of products out in the market to choose from, Android has definitely won the war. The best android tablets of 2021 boast comprehensive technology, exciting visuals, and budget-friendly prices.

Given all these options in the market, making an informed decision can be daunting. In this blog, we have explored the basic features of leading market products that will help you in picking the best budget-friendly Android tablets of 2021.

Top 5 Android Tablets of 2021*

Starting with the top-of-its-field Samsung and its Galaxy Tablet series, Amazon’s budget-friendly line of Fire tablets, and lastly to the less-popular brands. We have designed a list of the best Android tablets of 2021 that come with the a-list features in an economical range.


The best Android Tablet of 2021 is undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, with its four new colors, edge-to-edge displays, TFC LCD screen, and quad speakers with Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Screen Size                                          11 Inches
CPU Manufacturer                           Qualcomm
Memory Storage Capacity             256 GB
Price                                                      $575.17

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7


This brand deserves a place twice on the list as its products not only offer a slim metal design but also, Stylus support. You will find a long-lasting battery offering 12 intermittent hours of playtime and a crystal clear display with Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. There is also Dolby Atmos surround sound and a sleek, lightweight body.

Screen Size                                          10.4 Inches
Processor                                             Octa-Core
Memory Storage Capacity             64GB
List Price                                              $349.99 ($279 – discounted price)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6


Second on our list Amazon’s Fire HD 10 Tablet 1080p full HD display, 64 GB internal storage and can be added up to 512 GB via SD card, and four new colors. It also has up to 12-hours of long-lasting battery life, built-in social apps, including Netflix, while Zoom and Alexa can be downloaded. Grab all this at modest prices.

Screen Size                                          7 Inches
Processor                                             1.3GHz Quad-Core
OS                                                          Fire OS
Price                                                      $124.99

Amazon's Fire HD 10 Tablet
Amazon’s Fire HD 10 Tablet


WinTab P20 is our next option with its brushed metal back cover wrapped over the chic and stylish body, 500g net and FHD IPS Display, 13 MP rear camera, and 1920*1200 pixels quality.

Screen Size                                          10.1 Inches
CPU Manufacturer                            Spreadtrum
Processor                                             Octa-Core
Memory Storage Capacity             3GB RAM and 64GB additional storage
OS                                                          Android 10
Price                                                      $169.99

WinTab P20
WinTab P20


AEEZO tablet 7 inches from the Touch series occupies the last place in our top 5. Certified by Google GMS, this latest gadget adopts the newest Android 10.0 system. It has a vivid FHD high resolution 1920*1200 display screen and LCD blue light technology that is easier on the eyes. The tablet is lightweight, chic, and accessible for children. This tablet PC supports OTA upgrades and comes with a warranty.

Screen Size                                         7 Inches
OS                                                         Android 10.0
Processor                                            Quad-Core
Memory Storage Capacity             32GB with 2 GB RAM
List Price                                             $69.99

AEEZO tablet 7 inches
AEEZO tablet 7 inches

Android vs. Apple – Why Android is the Best Choice?

The tug of war between Android and Apple will be a constant pull of the thread. Each year Apple comes up with the latest features, and soon Android pulls up alongside newer tools and better speed—it’s a never-ending debacle. Besides the difference in models, there are certain pros and cons associated with both brands, and in the end, it all boils down to the taste of the user.

Apple iPads may be considered top-tier of their line with their unique wireless keyboard feature and the ecosystem strength that offer tons of apps, but even the least expensive iPads will cost you above $300. Android’s most significant advantage over Apple that puts it on the top is that you get a wide range of devices and a fluctuating price range, not to mention high-functioning OS and the freedom to change. While most of the best Android Tablets of 2021 fall into a budget-friendly category, the list of the best tablets of the year also features some of your iOS devices.

Android Performance

Even the least expensive tablet comes with high-quality performance for web surfing or media streaming. While the image quality can be grainy, there are a ton of Android options out there that can bargain the same features of high-end brands at much lower costs. However, if you prefer hardware quality and software support, we recommend you go for trusted brands, and you may even find some budget-friendly models.

The Last Word

Tablets are the next big thing in the tech world and one of the few must-have gadgets of quarantine. In contrast to other devices, they are considered easy to use and come with a “just right” screen size. Like all the tech gadgets in the market, tablets are constantly refreshed and updated with newer tools and software. Android tablets offer a wide range of top-tier brands, which you can sift through and find the best that fits your needs.

Our blog has discussed some of the best deals in the market for the best Android Tablets of 2021. We have also mentioned the latest models and their discounted prices, so picking a suitable device does not pose a challenge for you.