Apple Watch 7 – News, Price, Specifications, Release Date & Leaks

Apple Watch 7 – News, Price, Specifications, Release Date & Leaks

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Apple Watch Series has become the most famous watch on earth and achieved a milestone by beating Rolex. Probably the only good thing about 2020 was when Apple released its Apple Watch 6- one of the brand’s latest-generation smartwatches. It came around the same time as Apple Watch SE, like many Apple products and their release strategy of launching one top-of-the-line product with a comparatively lesser price tag and value attached.

With Apple Watch Series 7 hanging in there, the gizmo geeks worldwide desperately anticipate its launch. We’ve decided to intercept some juicy leaks on the brand’s next power pact smartwatch, expecting to be released this year with Apple Watch SE 2. You can expect Apple Watch 7 to blow off the stocks as soon as it hits the market, with its à la mode functions, chic design, and top-end features.

Top speculations revolving around Apple Watch 7

  • When will Apple Watch 7 arrive? Keeping up with the release trend, the expected release date is around September 2021
  • Apple Watch 7 cost? The price of the Apple Watch 7 is expected to be around $560
  • How many colors is Apple Watch 7 coming in? New Apple Watch Series 7 launch color is going to be Minty Green, similar to those of the Airpods max

Apple Watch 7 – News and Leaks

Besides bezel shrunk and screen enlargement in 2018, there haven’t been many significant design variations in the Apple Watch Series. Users can expect a redesign of the form factor in the 2021 version.

There are several rumors and leaks surrounding Apple Watch 7 available on the internet. Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, has hinted at a new design feature and improved exercise and health-related features in the future Apple Watch. If we consider Ming-Chi Kuo’s statement where he suggested a fresh new form design in all the Apple Watch models. The physical design will be big for the product that will launch in the latter half of the year.

The new Apple Watch Series 7 is possible to have flat edges, which coincides with what Apple has been recently doing. The screen display, however, is likely to remain the same. You can also expect the recessed batteries strap with this new launch

According to several speculations, the health factor in the Apple Watch 7 includes a glucometer – a blood sugar leveling device, helpful for people with BP issues and other ailments. The feature will also be a part of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

However, even though the sources vary and powerful predictors, these are just speculations, do not keep your glucometer hopes high with this particular launch. If not Watch 7, Apple Watch 8 is definitely going to have this much-awaited health feature in 2022.

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Price and Release Date

The prices of the Apple Watch 7 are to remain consistent with the previous release prices. Even though the price constantly fluctuated over the years, we can believe the launch will be in the same range this year

As for the release date, Ming-Chi Kuo is an analyst who is well-known to be accurate in his Apple predictions and suggested that the new Apple Watch Edition be launched in September 2021. It is not surprising considering the pattern of releases Apple has shown in the past few years with its launches. Even with the rising pandemic in 2020, Apple has stood true to its form.