Leak: Upcoming Samsung Galaxy M12/F12 Could Pack 7,000mAh Battery

Samsung seems to be working on a budget phone that is being rumored to sport a whopping 7,000 mAh battery. Additionally, this phone is expected to be called Galaxy M12 or Galaxy F12. 

It’s not new news from Samsung; this South Korean giant is known to launch budget smartphones with big batteries, as they have for the past 12 months with capacities over 5,000mAh and even 6,000mAh. 

What’s This Mystery Samsung M12/F12 Phone?

Considering the size of this upcoming one, we can expect it to give you at least two days of reliable performance. Of course, depending on the phone’s activity and the overall specifications of the device in use. 

Speaking of specifications, 91mobiles has released updates on the specifications of the rumored Galaxy M12/F12. So far, this is what has been disclosed by the industry’s reliable sources a few days ago: 

Sources revealed some live images of the could-be budget phone, and the back panel has the SM-M127F/SM-F127G etched, which indicates that the smartphone could be called Samsung Galaxy M12 or Samsung Galaxy F12. 

Via 91mobiles

Giving the image a good look shows a textured back with Samsungs’ branding at the bottom end. You also see a camera module at the top left corner with four cutouts within and a cutout for LED flash just below. This gives us the idea of the four shooters that this Samsung Galaxy M12/F12 budget phone will house. 

One thing that is visibly missing is the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor that the Samsung Galaxy M11 incorporated. This entails that Samsung is opting for embedding the fingerprint sensor in the power button mounted on the side of the phone. 

Moving to the bottom side of this frame, you see a Type-C port, a headphone jack, and a speaker grille. On the other hand, the top edge of the frame houses nothing but the microphone. 

We have no intel for the front as the phone is still under development in Samsungs’ facility in India. 

As for the specifications, they remain a mystery. But taking the predecessor Galaxy M11 into consideration; the phone included a lightweight Snapdragon 450 chipset, a triple rear camera that consists of a 13MP, a 5MP ultra-wide, and 2MP depth shooters. Its battery, however, was 5,000mAh only. Keeping these details in mind, we can expect the upcoming successor to upgrade these specifications. There is no detail on the release date as well, so we will update you will it arrive.

Best iPhone Deals in November 2020; Hurry and Avail at Your Earliest

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Thinking of making a big leap from Android to an iOS or just looking for another new iPhone to switch to? Either way, it’s not even Black Friday yet, and there are some great iPhone deals available for you to indulge in. Thanks to the new releases, specifically iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro this year, there is a surge of great deals on older devices as well. Additionally, on the previous iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models. However, If you are more of an SE person, then you’re in luck as iPhone SE 2020 is also up for grabs at Verizon this week, for free.

All in all, the premium features that come at a hefty price compared to their Android counterparts are available everywhere in the form of the best iPhone deals or iPhone sales. Of course, you will have to be smart about your purchasing decision and compare various prices to come to the best conclusion for your wallet.

We took the liberty to do the arduous work for you and compiled a list of some of the best iPhone deals for November 2020. Even went a bit overboard with explanations as to which offers what. So, carry on, and hopefully, an iPhone deal will strike your fancy. Happy Shopping!

Best iPhone Deals

Latest iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Deals

Apple iPhone 12$33.33 $10.37/month at Verizon with a trade-in and new unlimited plan

Great news for all users who are trading-in their old iPhone for a brand new one with an unlimited plan as this deal will cut down the monthly price on iPhone 12 pre-orders.
Apple iPhone 12 Pro
$41.66 $18.70/month at Verizon with a trade-in and new unlimited plan

Although you are not getting a free iPhone 12 pre-order deal this time around, the new customers can avail of a significant cut down on the monthly payment with an eligible trade-in. There’s a satisfactory upgrade discount for the existing and loyal customers with a $23.29/month with an eligible trade-in.
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Apple iPhone 12
FREE at AT&T with a trade-in saving you $800

Now, this is one great iPhone deal that you shouldn’t miss out on. Receive a brand-new iPhone 12 at AT&T completely FREE. This offer is available for both new and current customers, provided your trade-in device is eligible. You are receiving an iPhone 12 with a new unlimited data plan.
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Apple iPhone 12 Pro
$6.64/month at AT&T with eligible trade-in

An Apple iPhone 12 Pro deal with a monthly bill as low as $6.64? That’s a steal, and AT&T is where you can avail this iPhone deal at. This AT&T introductory offer is eligible for all users with a trade-in and unlimited plan.
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DISCLAIMER: All the prices mentioned in the deals have been last updated on the 4th of November, 2020.

The two latest 12 lineups of iPhones, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, are out on the market, and with Black Friday around the corner, the deals on these latest models have arrived early this November. So far, many have been deeming the iPhone 12 nothing short of perfection, and since the 12 Pro is just the larger variant, the same compliment applies to both.

Sporting a whole glass-back chassis with squared-off edges is the ‘new’ in the design from the usual smooth angles and the trademarked aluminum shell. The price on both does justice, and the amazing deals on both models make it even better.

Best iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Deals

Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Save up to $850 at Verizon with a trade-in eligible plan.

Not a bad deal from Verizon if you look at the hefty discount with a trade-in option provided your device is eligible. Additionally, you are getting great upgrading options in this deal with a $350 off with trade.
View Deal.
Apple iPhone 11 Pro
$829.992, 56GB in Gold at Amazon for AT&T (Renewed)

It’s a great deal on iPhone 11 Pro with free shipping by Amazon. Of course, you get other carriers to choose from, but at a different price. The battery on this iPhone deal exceeds 80% and is available in a near-perfect condition with no cosmetic faults. Which is exactly what we are looking for in the iPhone deals for renewed models.
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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
$834, 64GB in Gold at Amazon Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

This pre-owned iPhone 11 Pro Max is available ‘fully unlocked’ at Amazon available for just $834 with free shipping. Amazon is known for its renewed products, with its team working hard to make sure you are receiving value for money with no imperfections cosmetically and functionality wise.
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Apple iPhone 11
Save $210 from Apple Trade-in

Before trade-in, the price of the iPhone 11 at Apple is $599, and after your trade-in success, you will be paying $389.99 for a brand new iPhone 11. Of course, this iPhone deal does depend on which eligible device you’re trading in. If you are hunting for an unlocked device, Apple’s deal is the best for you.
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Apple iPhone 11
$599, $349 at PureTalkUSA

PureTalkUSA is giving a steal deal on all iPhones as of now, which is $250 off provided you buy them with an unlimited plan or 20GB data plan. This is by far one of the cheapest iPhone deals you can come across.
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DISCLAIMER: All the prices mentioned in the deals have been last updated on the 4th of November, 2020.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro came out back in 2019 and are still popular among the consumers, particularly the iPhone 11, that had the most shipped units. Although both units at first glance look similar, there are slight design differences and, of course, in the specifications coming down to the camera, display, and battery life.

The iPhone 11 sports an all-aluminum frame with glass back and front. As for the Pro model, its frame is made of stainless steel. If we compare both models’ height, then the iPhone 11 is 5.94 inches, and the Pro variant is slightly on the smaller side, making its height to be 5.67 inches. iPhone 11 Pro Max is the biggest brother in this 11 family standing at 6.22 inches.

As for the battery comparisons, iPhone 11 was reported to provide 18-hours of offline video playback. As expected, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the longest battery life within an iPhone to date. Now add a great Amazon deal we mentioned above on this big boy, and you are receiving a larger screen real-estate, longer battery, and many other high-end specifications.

The camera is by far the major difference in the iPhone 11 lineup but do note that the camera system is solid on either of the models; iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 has two sensors that are the wide and ultra-wide lenses. At the same time, the iPhone 11 Pro has three; wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto. Not to mention you also get dual optical image stabilization.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Deals

Apple iPhone XS
save up to $800 with AT&T with a trade-in and new unlimited data plan

This great deal offered by AT&T for iPhone XS might only last for this week, and you are getting an amazing discount. You get to save around $800 off with the trade-in option. Now, if you are trading in quite a recent iPhone, then you are in for a treat and might get the iPhone XS for just around $99 over the span of 30 months.
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Apple iPhone XS Max
$637 for Verizon at Amazon, 256GB, Silver (Renewed)

Amazon is your place to be for refurbished iPhone deals, and on this iPhone XS Max that sports a whopping 256GB, you are saving a good amount with free delivery. You are receiving great battery health with none to minor cosmetic imperfections. Other than that, it’s a great deal for the premium specs you are getting.
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DISCLAIMER: All the prices mentioned in the deals have been last updated on the 4th of November, 2020.

Both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were deemed one of the best phones out there with certain features like the Face ID being more responsive. The cameras on both are amazing. Although the headphone jack dongle is not included, including no fast charger or USB-C-to lightning cable, you are still getting a gorgeous phone with premium materials and features, including fantastic screens.

More importantly, these two iPhone models are visual and audio powerhouses with impressive resolutions of 2,436 x 1,125 and 2,688 x 1,242 on iPhone XS and XS Max.

You are getting some great deals on both this week and in November. Considering they are usually the pricier models of iPhones, we would recommend you not to miss out.

iPhone XR Deals

Apple iPhone XRup to $210 off at Apple with a trade-in option

Apple iPhone XR was launched back in 2018 in September as a low-cost device. So considering we’re in 2020, the price should have dropped considerably low, and this Apple deal does justice to the ‘cheap variant’ narrative. You are getting a massive $210 off for trading in and get many color options too. If you are out for a carrier-specific or unlocked device, there is one for everyone.
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Apple iPhone XR
$378.75 at Amazon for AT&T, 64GB in Black (Renewed)

The renewed iPhone XR with barely any scratches or defects is available for as low as $378.75 for 64GB of internal storage. Not to mention you are receiving free shipping from Amazon. Moreover, battery health is of utmost importance, and the retailer guarantees it above 80%. It’s a great iPhone deal that should be availed immediately.
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Apple iPhone XR
$5/month on switching to Verizon

If you are looking towards an iPhone XR deal and can switch to Verizon, you are in for a treat with this deal that only takes $5 per month for a 24-month payment plan while acquiring a great phone like iPhone XR.
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DISCLAIMER: All the prices mentioned in the deals have been last updated on the 4th of November, 2020.

Looking for a great battery life with impeccable performance and even better cameras? If you can compromise on not having an optical zoom, then this the phone for you. With Apple’s A12 Bionic chip, you get fast performance; and with nearly 11.5 hours of battery life, this phone is a great investment.

Start shopping before these deals expire!